Dibujo de un racimo de uva

More than 8 hectares of limestone soils are the starting point for the magic of winemaking to begin. Our Caverne Sauvignon, Garnacha and Cariñena varieties serve the winemaking team to achieve unique nuances, mythical tones and unforgettable sensations.

Always accompanied by the whisper of the Mediterranean sea and with the shelter of its undergrowth, the bunches of this region grow strong drawing an idyllic landscape. It is this land that, with the help of man, brings out its ancient wisdom, its maximum potential of aromas and flavors and its ability to endure in the memory of all those who have the privilege of tasting its fruit.

EIn our vineyards, the types of cultivation of the vine are done by "trellis". Work in the vineyard includes many tasks throughout the year, the most important being dry pruning and harvesting without neglecting others such as cluster thinning, trimming, green work and preventive treatments.

The grapes are always harvested in 15 kg vintage boxes to ensure a correct selection of the best bunches so that they arrive in a completely intact state that allows us to produce wines that are born with the aim of becoming legend.

That effort and the hard work of the harvest will have its reward to collect a good vintage that will be worthy of creating the great wines of Bodega Vizuecos.